PD018 - Irrigation Mains from Jebel Ali

Description of Work

Project Code: PD018

Project No: Project DS 126

The project is made to provide Irrigation mains from Jebel Ali STP and connect to the existing irrigation mains at Sheikh Zaid road. The pipe line is mainly of diameter 2000 & 1800mm, however there are many connections for future pipe lines with diameters 400, 800, 1000, and 1200 mm aling the rising mains. Along the pipe line there valve chambers for air valve, washout and shutoff valve chambers for the future connection with different diameters as described in Para.

The 23.5 Km GRP pipeline start from Jebel Ali STP through outer By-pass Road towards Dubai direction up to Al Hibab Road, then goes through Al Hibab Road up to Sheikh Zayed Road at Interchange No.8, hence along Sheikh Zayed Road towards Dubai direction up to Interchange No.7. This main will be connected with 800 mm diameter existing irrigation main at Sheikh Zayed Road. It also has two connection with the existing Irrigation Mains at Emirates Road.

Project Details

 Project Name:  PD018 - Irrigation Mains from Jebel Ali STP
 Client:  Dubai Municipality
 Consultant:  Al Turath Consulting Engineer
 Project Management:  
 Date Started:  November 25, 2007
 Value Dhs:  NA

Site Location

The project area is located between the outer bypass road beside Jebel Ali STP and Shaikh Zaid Road at Interchange No.7. In between both ends, the site (corridor) of the pipe line take the direction towards Dubai up to Al Hibab road then through it up to Sheikh Zaid road at Interchange (7) then along Shaikh Zaid road up to Interchange No. (8)

Contact Information

Abdel Wahab Y.S. Shalaby
 Project Manager
Telephone Number Tel. No.: +971 4 8804059
Fax Number  Fax No.: +971 4 8804089


Telephone Number Tel. No.: +971 4 8804119
Fax Number  Fax No.: +971 4 8804086