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Operations Division Print
The division's management ensures that supplies and vehicles required to meet the demands of your project are available, operational, and on-time.

Production Dept.

The capacity of our production plants-asphalt and concrete-is sufficient to meet the demands of the projects we are engaged. The sites are computer controlled, and scheduled maintenance and calibration ensure that your project's requirements are consistently met.
Additionally, three business units in the Hedley group of companies manufacture a range of pipes and liners, which may be required to complete our client-partner's projects. The quality of the products supplied by these factories meets international best in class standards. The added benefit for client-partners and project managers is ease of communication reducing the possibility of delays in completing your project.

Transport Dept.

Our propriety system for monitoring equipment allows the correct vehicle at the right location when it is required in operating condition. This allows your project to be completed on time. The Team is able to relocate most equipment needed on a job site within two hours if there is a breakdown.
The Team works in conjunction with the Workshop Unit to conduct scheduled maintenance and preventative maintenance programs.

Workshop Dept.

The 65 person Team of engineers, craftsmen, and mechanics perform scheduled preventative and corrective maintenance on each piece of equipment and vehicle utilized by the company. The maintenance program reduces the probability of downtime and increases our ability to meet the commitment to you.
We have one fixed workshop site located in Mafraq, which is supplemented by on-site and mobile workshops. These permit us to reduce downtime due to scheduled maintenance or repairs.

Electrical Mechanical Dept.

Our own Electrical Mechanical Unit does more than maintain electromechanical equipment; it also ensures that the electro-mechanical devices at the company's offices, work sites, and Associate accommodations are operating properly.
The welfare of Associates is a priority-from senior management to each employee. An Associate whose welfare is maintained is able to perform at a higher level, provide consistent quality, and find more effective and efficient ways of completing projects.