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The greatest asset the company has is its Associates. Ensuring Associates’ needs is a priority. Although each operating unit continues to identify its staffing needs and those best qualified to meet them, synergies in the hiring process and reallocation of Associates when necessary to meet the client-partners’ requirements are coordinated centerally.

A focal point of the department is the “Strategic Human Resources Planning and Development Program.” Recognizing that knowledge at every level of the organization is beneficial to the company and our client-partners, we strive to enhance the skills and knowledge of everyone. Hedley’s operating units promote from within to maintain the knowledge gained by individuals to everyone’s benefit.

The integral components of the development program are the selection process, associate annual performance appraisals, internal and external skill development programs, and associate involvement in continuous improvement of the company. Associates that recommend improvement ideas participate in assessing the suggestion and assist with the implementation if accepted as a best practice.