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Hedley’s commitment to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is not just a concept at Hedley, minimizing the impact on the environment is a core objective for each of our operating units. This commitment is accomplished by reducing the footprint at infrastructure worksites by conversing and reinstating the environment at the site and adjacent spaces. We properly maintain equipment to reduce emissions harmful to the environment and people, recycle whenever possible with the proper disposal of non-recyclable waste, composting biodegradable waste into energy, and utilize clean technologies and processes to protect a vital natural resource—water.
Protection of our natural resources contributes to the preservation of the culture and national identity where we operate, allowing residents and visitors to enjoy the natural beauty in the future.

An example of preserving the environment is the Lake Preservation Project at International City, Dubai, UAE; which was highlighted in the October 2007 Landscape Magazine:

Lake Preservation Project
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