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Ultra Construction & Engineering Co., LTD.

ULTRA is a proven leader in the construction industry. For nearly four decades, ULTRA has been well recognized as a leader in the construction and engineering of bridges, roads, subways, and tunnels in Korea. ULTRA possesses the largest number of TBMs (Tunnel Boring Machines) and has the greatest work experience in tunneling.

Strategic Partner for Procurement of Pipe Systems for North Doha Sewerage Master Plan. Through our Strategic Alliance Agreement with ULTRA, we extend our relationship further for future business in the UAE & GCC Countries.

Dorsch Gruppe
Is a consulting and engineering partners for industrial clients, private investors, and public institutions. With approximately 1,600 employees the Dorsch Group is Germany's largest independent planning and consulting company.

Infrastructure Capital Group
Hedley Feasibility Studies
Hedley Environmental impact assessments
Hedley Mobilization of equity and debt
Hedley Management and operation of project companies