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In a rapidly changing business and development environment it is easy for a company to overlook its social responsibility; at Hedley we do not. Recognizing the return to society, client-partners, and the company, our management team makes a concerted effort to care for the Associates and the environment.

Associate Health & Safety

Safety FirstWithout the Associates—unskilled labors to degreed engineers—Hedley cannot provide the service, quality, and professionalism that is equated with our name; for they are our greatest asset. The goal is to provide every Associate the opportunity to contribute and advance within the organization, allowing Hedley and its operating businesses to provide you the best value.

This begins with a commitment to provide our Associates the most advanced accommodations. A comfortable, rested, and alert Associate performs at a higher level, able to meet deadlines, takes pride in their work, and shares their knowledge to provide the greatest value to the client-partner. Hedley’s G+4 Associate Housing Building is the benchmark for such facilities in the UAE.

On the job site, the Associate’s safety is paramount; whether it is strict adherence to safety rules—such as tying off—or providing air conditioned facilities for breaks during the summer months. Safeguarding Associates eliminates downtime on the site due to injuries and allows their knowledge to be utilized for the client-partner’s benefit.

Recognizing that knowledge at every level of the organization is beneficial to the company and our client-partners, we strive to enhance the skills and knowledge of everyone. The integral components of the development program are the selection process, annual performance appraisals for every Associate, internal and external skill development programs, and suggestions to improve company performance.