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Description of Work

Project Code: PD019

Project No: JAP 015/2-4

This project has been directly negotiated and awarded to us based on successful completion and excellent performance of project (JAP-015/2) International City Infrastructure Works.
The Project comprises of the execution, commissioning and maintenance of all Roads, Parking, Sewerage Network, Sewerage Pumping Station including Civil, Structural, Finishes, External Works, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Works including Provisional Sums all as detailed in the Bill of Quantities for International City – Balance Infrastructure Works.

Project Details

 Project Name: PD019 - Balance Infrastructure Works (International City)
 Client: NAKHEEL
 Consultant: A.C.E International
 Project Management: 
 Date Started: April 20, 2008
 Value Dhs: NA

Site Location

The site is located adjacent to and bounded by the Al Aweer Road on the northern side, Emirates Road on the western side and the Academic Road on the Southern Side.

Contact Information

Osama Mohd. Abdel Fattah
Project Manager
Telephone Number  Tel. No.: +971 4 3204676
Fax Number  Fax No.: +971 4 3205675


ACE International
Telephone Number Tel. No.: +971 4 3204677
Fax Number  Fax No.: +971 4 3205517